Glenn Pleased

Glenn Roeder says he was delighted with the reserve team's winning performance against Tottenham on Tuesday evening - and hopes that the youngsters who were involved will be knocking on the first team door in the not too distant future.

"We had several players from the youth academy in our team," says Glenn, "and I also enjoyed the performance of Raimond van der Gouw, who is a credit to professional football with his attitude and the way he prepares.

"Edouard Cisse gave an excellent performance when it was hard for a first team player to come in.

"The big Irishman, Clive Delaney, did well on his debut, and, though he has got a lot to learn, it was a promising debut.

"Richard Garcia scored an excellent first goal after an great pass from Cisse with a magnificent shot into the top corner.

"He then showed his bottle in taking the penalty twice - after scoring the first one the referee booked someone for encroachment and he had to take it again.

"A club is all about the first team but it was nice to see so many young players out of our academy playing in the second team - and hopefully three or four, if not four or five will be pushing for places in the next year or so."

Hopefully the first team can emulate the reserves at the weekend...