Stephanie's Poignant Day

Bobby Moore's widow Stephanie says she is greatly comforted by the high esteem in which the West Ham United and England hero is still held - and would like to thank Hammers fans for continuing to support the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research.

To mark the 10th anniversary of Bobby's death from bowel cancer, the flags on the turrets at Upton Park are flying at half mast, while some fans have marked the occasion by making a pilgrimage to the ground for some quiet contemplation - bringing back poignant memories of the day he died and the scenes of sadness when fans gathered at the main gates to pay their respects and leave mementoes.

Says Stephanie: "I have to say that I don't usually go in for anniversaries, being morbid at Christmas or birthdays, and things like that - because I miss him every day.

"At some point during each day I will think of Bobby, wish he was still here - and always will.

"But the 10th anniversary is very important because of the fund that lives on in his memory in aid of other bowel cancer sufferers, and hopefully this year we will be paying for our 10th research fellow in Bobby's name, so it is a very big day.

"Personally I will be spending the day quietly preparing for work the next day, going to Abu Dhabi and Muscat with British Airways, and just thinking about Bobby and all the wonderful years that we had together.

"I always find it very touching the way the West Ham fans always remember Bobby. Many of them are very, very generous to the charity, the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK.

"I find that extremely supportive and very emotional that they always remember Bobby and say such wonderful things about him - it helps me greatly.

"He was a man of quiet dignity who could always be trusted to do the right thing at the right time.

"He always thought of others and did so right until the very end - even when he was facing such terrible adversity.

"He was quite a remarkable and special man, and I am very proud to have had those years with him.

"I am just staggered at the amount of respect and love that Bobby's name still generates; he is admired all over the world and it is quite amazing.

"I only wish that Bobby realised to the full extent what people thought about him when he was alive, but I don't think he did - he certainly never let on."

And, in a special message to Hammers' supporters, she says: "I would like to express my gratitude to all of the West Ham fans that have supported me and the work I do for Cancer Research UK over the last 10 years - that is a massive thank you."

If you would like to make a contribution to the Bobby Moore Fund please call 020 7009 8881.