Bobby Moore Remembered

On the 10th anniversary of Bobby Moore's death, Glenn Roeder admits that he admired Bobby as much for his personal attributes as his footballing skills.

"It is just incredible how quickly the time has gone," says Glenn sadly.

"I only met Bobby Moore a few times and I can't tell you how hugely impressed I was with him as a human being.

"He is an absolutely wonderful person, out of the old school, with all the right principles and high standards that are often lacking nowadays.

"He was not just a class act on the field, he was a class act off the field.

"As a little boy when I watched him play he was a real role model not just for young boys like myself, but thousands and thousands of boys that supported West Ham.

"For me, Bobby Moore is a true ambassador of the game.

"People often say that they remember where they when President Kennedy was assassinated, when Elvis Presley died, things like that.

"I can't remember those things - but I can remember exactly where I was when I heard that Bobby had passed away.

"I was driving in my car in Hornchurch and it came on the radio; I was on my own, and I can't say how sad I was."

Glenn is backing the Bobby Moore Fund, set up by his widow Stephanie following his death, and says:

"It is a brilliant cause, and it is just wonderful that Stephanie has put so much hard work into it to make it a success - it deserves all the help it can get."

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