Rufus: It's A Joke

Rufus Brevett reckons that the newspaper article claiming that he has criticised West Ham's training methods was "a joke."

The article even claimed that 'a source' said the food included 'chips with everything' but Rufus shrugs it off and says:

"I have not even seen the article, but I have obviously heard about it and I have got no idea where it has come from.

"It is laughable, at the end of the day; it would be nice if we could eat egg and chips, but we certainly don't do that.

"I think we are there to be shot at and people are looking at things now - and it is ridiculous.

"When I heard about it I was a bit upset, to be fair, but as I think about it, it is just a joke."

When asked why there weren't the same jibes at fellow strugglers West Bromwich Albion and Sunderland, he laughs:

"I don't know; maybe they don't have any journalists in Birmingham or Sunderland!

"But we all know that it is completely rubbish so we have just got to get on with it.

"There were some things that were said in there that were so untrue but it is printed in black and white, people read it and think there is a big problem at West Ham - which there isn't.

"We are all okay about it; whatever happens at a football club anyway stays in."

The article also refers to Gary Breen's meeting with Glenn Roeder, about which both parties have said here had a positive outcome.

"Gary Breen is a really nice guy and gets on with his training, so talk of a 'bust-up' is so unfounded," he says.

"The lads are focused after that week off and we have trained hard, worked on a few things, and the boys are really up for it."

Speaking ahead of the match at West Bromwich Albion, he says:

"It is a massive game for the club and we have to make sure we come away with three points.

"Ever since I have been at West Ham the atmosphere has been good, and that has surprised me given where we are.

"I can't fault the mood or the training since I have been here; at second from bottom you'd think there would be a few dour faces, but everyone really believes that we are definitely good enough to get out of this.

"You have got to believe it, or that is where you come unstuck.

"It is going to be a battle; I have spoken to a few of the Fulham lads who played them midweek, but obviously this is going to be a completely different game.

"They were saying that we should get something there, but in football that never works out, and we are all up for it."