Glenn Responds

Glenn Roeder insists that a newspaper article criticising West Ham's diet and training was full of untruths - and that the suggestion he has had a 'bust-up' with Gary Breen is an exaggeration.

The latter element is something Gary himself is only too happy to confirm, and he stresses:

"Glenn and I had a meeting, but there is nothing wrong or unusual about that.

"After all, we both want exactly the same thing - West Ham staying up this season - and that's all there is to it."

Adds Glenn:

"It was a nothing story, a story full of lies, and that is the only way I can describe it.

"There was only one element of truth there, which was that Gary Breen and I had a clear the air meeting on Monday - he is better for it, and I am better for it.

"Everything else was right out of the gutter where rubbish ends up; that is where the story came from, and it will go back to the gutter.

"Unfortunately we are an easy target at the moment, and to an extent I suppose I am as well.

"But things will change, and it just disappoints me that they don't get their facts right; we will turn that story into a positive on Sunday."

The article named, though didn't quote, Rufus Brevett and Les Ferdinand, implying that they were critical of the training regime at Upton Park.

But Glenn says:

"I spoke to Rufus and Les today and they were hugely disappointed because they would want no part in that story.

"Even the pathetic thing about 'chips with everything'; there hasn't been a chip seen in this place for 18 months.

"It is mischievous, it is not warranted, and it not deserved.

"The people that know me would look at that and say it is a really bad piece of journalism, with someone trying to cause trouble.

"The things said in there are not possible as far as I am concerned.

"Our professionalism and organisation is excellent at this football club, make no mistake about that.

"The details to attention, the preparation, the practices are first class, and the training is what it should be."