David's Hope

David Noble says he hopes to be able to force his way into the first team squad before the end of the season.

The midfielder, who signed on a free transfer from Arsenal in January, has played three reserve games as he looks to convince Glenn Roeder he is worthy of an extended contract beyond the summer.

"I have really enjoyed the last couple of weeks," he says, "and it has been a fresh start for me at West Ham which I have to grab with both hands.

"There is still competition here, but - and no disrespect to the players at West Ham - it is a little bit easier than getting in at Arsenal, I suppose."

Talking of his attributes, he says: "I'd like to think I was a creative sort of player in midfield with a good range of passing.

"I have been working on the physical side and it seems to be coming on all right."

Of the differences between Arsenal and West Ham from a training point of view, he adds: "The training is not miles apart; every Premiership club is doing virtually the same thing, they have got the fitness coaches in, we have all got the same knowledge on the food, how long you should train and all that.

"It has been good to play some games and hopefully I can carry on from there."

He is hoping to get a chance to impress before the summer, and, with Joe Cole suspended at the weekend, he even hopes to travel to the Hawthorns on Sunday.

"I will have a look for that, definitely," he says, when pressed, and adds: "I am hoping to maybe get a look in this year and then look to the future for next year.

"I still think we can stay up. It has got to turn around, there are too many good players, and it is too good a side.

"It is still the players that came seventh last year - it is odd, because everyone seems to be doing all right in training and the mood is good.

"The feeling is around the club that we will definitely get out of it."