Tony: Dj Was Right

Tony Gale says he is full of praise for David James for speaking out following the England defeat by Australia at Upton Park last week.

David wondered out loud if some of the players in the first half had the weekend's domestic action in the back of their minds, causing another chapter of the almost constant club versus country debate.

"I think he was only speaking honestly and it was there for everyone to see that the first half England team didn't want to be there," agrees Tony.

"I don't think he was out of order with what he said, though it was surprising he said it because footballers don't really say things like that in these times, so good luck to him."

Was Tony surprised Joe Cole didn't get a run out?

"I was actually," he admits, "I would have been interested to see how he and Scott Parker would have played together.

"I did think the game was a bit of a mishmash having the first team in the first half and the kids in the second.

"You weren't going to get anything out of that except kids playing with kids and it was, in effect, an U21 game in the second half.

"If he had really mixed the two sides up with say Scott Parker playing with Paul Scholes and Ledley King playing with Rio Ferdinand, and in the second half had Sol Campbell for example playing with one of the other centre backs and an experienced player in midfield with one of the kids it would have made for much better watching.

"I think the enthusiasm of the kids would have rubbed off on the senior players and the experience of the older players would have rubbed off on the kids, but we really got nothing out of the game."

As for David James 45 minute performance, Tony concludes:

"There wasn't much David could have done about the goals he let in; for the cross at the far post he made the decision that he wouldn't have got there, and he made a couple of good saves, actually."