Richard Smiling

Richard Garcia has had something of a gloating look about him in training of late following Australia's win over England at Upton Park last week.

Admitting to a little mickey taking of his English colleagues as a result of his compatriots' first ever win over the English at football, he says: "That was my priority on Thursday.

"I am Aussie through and through and I thought Australia played really well. I don't think they would get carried away with it and think they could beat everybody but on the night we wanted it more, played better, and deserved to win."

As for the question of whether the England players in the first half had their minds on the job, he adds: "You could say the same thing about the Leeds players on our side so it is the same thing.

"But don't take anything away from Australia, I thought they played really well.

"Every international is an important game, they only played for 45 minutes, and you would think they could concentrate a bit harder."

Richard has battled back from injury to full fitness and says: "I haven't had any problems so that has been a good sign.

"I am focusing on getting into the team and I want to get a few games under my belt before the end of the season.

"But, with the battle we are in, I don't think that looks likely for the first team, so I just want to get some good games in for the reserves and hopefully progress."

He is convinced West Ham can stay up and adds: "I still think we have got it in us to do it, it is just a matter of coming together; it is getting harder and harder as it gets later and later every week.

"But you still have to have that hope because if you don't what would be the point of playing the last 11 games?

"The boys are quite bubbly; the weekend off helped and everyone has come back quite refreshed so hopefully we can get a result on Sunday."