David: Why I Signed

David Noble says he is determined to make the most of what he calls a "second chance" to establish himself as a Premiership player.

David, signed on a short term contract after leaving Arsenal during the transfer window, says:

"That is what I am aiming; I was delighted to get the contract up to the summer, and hopefully I can perform and get an extension to the one I have got at the moment.

"I am looking to do my best with this second chance."

Midfielder David did have other options, and he says:

"I was going to go to Blackburn but Glenn got in touch to say that if I impressed him he would sign me straight away, whereas with Blackburn it was just going to be for training."

Chances were limited at Highbury, and he adds:

"Arsenal are one of the best teams in Europe with the best players and it had become a dead end for me there.

"I felt if I had a run in the side I could maybe have done as well as them, certainly the second string that play, but it was hard.

"It is very hard for the young English lads at Arsenal and apart from Ashley Cole there hasn't really been one that has gone through - it is worrying.

"I have been wanting to get away for the last couple of years on and off so it was a blessing in disguise to get the move.

"I couldn't because I was under contract, though I went on loan for the whole of last season to Watford.

"It started well there but Vialli said to me, towards the end, because they were struggling, that he wanted to go with experience."