Duo To Leave

Third year scholarship boys Billy Mehmet and Terry Khan are being released by the club.

"Billy Mehmet is going down to Colchester to have a look and see if he can get fixed up there," confirms academy director Tony Carr.

"It is going to be difficult for him to break through at the top level here, but he is a talented young player with a lot of ability, a nice shape and size about him, terrific attitude, and good technique.

"Terry went to Southend on trial and nothing materialised there, but yesterday he played for Barnet in a reserve game and I am waiting for the outcome of that.

"Of all the boys we release at the end of the scholarships we do try and use our contacts to try and get them out on trials and keep them in the game at some level."

Another third year - indeed THE only other third year apart from Glen Johnson, who has enjoyed a spectacular season breaking through into the first team following his loan spell at Millwall - is Glen Jackson, who is waiting to see what happens next in his career.

"It is a difficult one with Glen, who has had a very good year with the U19s so far," says Tony, "because goalkeepers can only ever play in one position, whereas an outfield player can be shifted left and right, back and front, etc.

"Glen has a lot of goalkeepers in front of him; we have said that we do think he has done well, and if the opportunity does come to keep him we will try to do that.

"But obviously there has to be some movement above him before he does that.

"He is fully aware of the situation, which is in abeyance at the moment."