Fredi On Red Card

Fredi Kanoute admits he was guilty of a bad reaction that led to his sending-off in the defeat at Leeds United on Saturday - but insists there were mitigating circumstances and that Seth Johnson was equally to blame.

Fredi was sent off for his reaction to a late, off the ball challenge on him which referee Dermot Gallagher didn't spot, and now faces a three match ban starting with the vital clash at West Bromwich Albion in two weeks.

He says: "It was a bad day. There was provocation from him and I just lost it for one second, which was enough.

"He started it and I think he should have been sent off as well. He came in very late and kicked me on purpose.

"I reacted to what he had done and I raised my hands on him.

"I felt bad when I got sent off but I didn't think about him, only me and my team.

"It was a poor game for us, not very poor, but personally it was a bad day.

"It doesn't happen often to me but I just lost it once.

"I was a bit angry and it was a bad reaction - I am normally calm but something bad happened to me.

"I don't think the referee saw exactly what happened. I accept the decision because I deserved it, but I think he deserved it as well."