Tony's Preview

Tony Gale is hopeful that the Hammers can come through a difficult time against Leeds at Elland Road - and insists West Ham have the better squad.

"There is real talent in their squad still, but if you look around, man for man, we have probably got the better side now.

"But of course having the better side individually is nothing if you don't have the better team - and we have to play as a team this week.

"And we are not defending well at all at set pieces, not marking properly, and making elementary errors - it is not good enough."

Tony is encouraged by the fact that Glenn is faced with difficult choices when it comes to team selection, and he says:

"There are options and everyone needs a kick up the backside now and then.

"Hutch is ready to come in; he may not have the ability of Joe or Michael but he is competitive and has more experience."

As for Leeds' problems, he adds:

"We can't be playing Leeds at a better time; they are on a downer, the manager and chairman are under the cosh, the fans are ready to go against their team, and, without trying to pre-empt it, it is a good time to play them.

"They are all looking round for bit of encouragement and we mustn't give it to them.

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