Fredi Waits

Fredi Kanoute is waiting to see if he makes it into the French squad to face the Czech Republic next week.

He has been selected for the provisional squad - and a potential battle with Tomas Repka - but that will be trimmed down, and Fredi is hoping he survives the cut.

"They haven't given the final list yet so we will see in a few days," he says, "but it is good they are thinking about me.

"This happened before, but I got injured so I am happy they didn't forget me now I am back.

"It has been a long wait, the two or three years since I have been here, and I tried to give my best.

"But getting picked, if I do, will be a relief.

"I can only improve if I am selected because France have such good players."

As for whether he is back to full fitness yet, he admits: "I can't say. I do feel good but the time to judge will be when I have played a complete game.

"But hopefully I won't have any more problems."

With Fredi almost sure to start at Leeds, his biggest test following his injury sustained at Chelsea in September is, therefore, still to come.