Tony: I'm Pleased For Glen

Tony Carr is delighted that Glen Johnson has rolled off the production line and into the first team.

"Glen has come through his two games with flying colours," he says, "and it is another feather in the cap for the academy and the system."

Glenn Roeder said earlier in the season that he was looking to bring Glen in after Christmas, and has been true to his word, giving him his debut in the game at Charlton before starting him against Blackburn and Liverpool.

"I am not surprised because it has been on the manager's mind for some weeks whether to blood him or not," he says.

"The experience he had out on loan made our minds up that he could play at first team level - and you don't get much tougher than playing for Millwall in the first division.

"Glenn's concern was whether it would knock the boy's confidence in a relegation scrap but he has coped with that pressure very well - and in many respects has come into it with a bit of freshness, because he has not been under the pressure the first team has.

"Every time you blood a kid, it is a gamble because, you never know what he is going to do until you put him in.

"When you put any new face in that is the case but even more so with a young player.

"At the moment he is full of confidence - and I hope it remains that way."