Glenn: Let's Push On

Glenn is relieved that the burden of the first home league win of the season has been achieved - and says it is now time to push on.

"It was very important we put on a good performance and it was equally important, if not more so, that we got three points against Blackburn," he says.

"There were times when we performed very well and also times when a great deal wasn't happening - they made it very difficult, so all credit to the players.

"We have got to make it happen now; it is up to us to use Wednesday night as a catalyst and, where the atmosphere in the dressing room was absolutely awful at Old Trafford - and rightly so - Weds was completely fantastic, and everyone is looking ahead with more confidence."

As for Liverpool, Glenn adds:

"They have come through a sticky patch and are now achieving some terrific performances and good results to go with.

"They are all playing well again; they went through a spell quite unlike Liverpool teams but they have come through it and we know it will be a tough game.

"We have look ahead in a positive frame of mind, and I am sure we will do.

"We are just so disappointed the first home win took so long to come - and it shouldn't have done.

"A number of draws certainly should have been wins, and even one or two defeats should have been with the performances good enough.

"But we have got that first one and we have to grow in a positive manner from that - and now look ahead."