Tony Still Confident

Tony Gale has every confidence that West Ham can go up this season - if the players apply themselves and too many injuries are avoided.

Tony was impressed by the win over Nottingham Forest, but equally disappointed by the defeat by Ipswich, in which he feels the side lacked that all-important "killer instinct."

"I think it was an impressive win the other day and it suited us that Forest are a footballing side," he says.

"In the end we were better than them and I think we were worth the 2-0 score line.

"As far as Ipswich is concerned, I didn't go to the match but I spoke to some of the ex-West Ham lads, the old boys, and they said we were so in control of the game it was silly.

"Then, having got the goal, we just sat back instead of keeping going forward and killing them off - and proving to everyone we were the better side.

"In the end it was a 2-1 reversal and another loss of three points at such a valuable stage of the season.

"When you read what Alan says it is exactly right - you have got to go on and have that killer instinct."

Alan was critical of the spirit against Ipswich, and Tony adds:

"Maybe he does need to have a couple of characters and a few leaders in that team to really press the other boys on.

"Without doubt I still think that when Alan has got his first eleven out or even when he has only got a couple of injuries or suspensions we have still got the best side in the division.

"But the boys have got to go and prove it; it is no good thinking you are good and I am sure they all know they are good.

"It is what we said last season, that we are too good to go down - and we went down.

"Maybe this season we are saying 'well, maybe we are too good not to go up' but you have got to go and do it.

"You have to take hold of the situation, grab it by the neck, finish it off, and then after the game tell each other and yourself how good you were.

"You can't do it after 45, 50 minutes of a game.

"It is just a lack of a killer instinct and I just think that the losing run of last season comes back to haunt you in games.

"All of a sudden you go in front and you try to defend it but this league isn't a league where you have to defend as much - you can get at teams, especially with the side that we have got, and prove that we are as good as anyone going forward.

"That is what we have got to do and I am sure Alan is trying to it with Sarge and the other boys in training, the coaching staff - but sometimes the hardest place to get to with footballers is between the ears."