Conners: Good To Have J Back

David Connolly hopes his partnership with Jermain Defoe can get back on track now he is back from suspension and flourish for the rest of the season.

J returned after a five match ban against Sunderland and grabbed his first goal after David's shot was blocked early in the second half.

"He is a great player and we would like to still be playing together at the end of the season," says David.

"It was working well for us at the start of the season but injury and suspension got in the way.

"But we have a lot of good players with Marlon and Brian as well."

David feels the comeback on Saturday showed a strength of purpose that the doubters wondered if West Ham possessed and adds:

"We were playing well, I felt, but they took a two goal lead I didn't think they deserved - but it showed a lot of character to fight back.

"It depends on your mindset but it would have been quite easy to collapse - which we didn't.

"In the end, for once, things went our way; the ball didn't fall to me but it fell to other people.

"After we got the goal we got back into it against a really good side - one of the best we have played here.

"I was really impressed with them and it could have swung both ways.

"It changes so quickly but where we are in the league looks a lot better."