Paul On Walsall

Paul Goddard says Walsall will rise to the occasion when West Ham are in town this weekend.

"It is a tough place to go and play; a tight little stadium and I am sure it will be sold out," he says.

"It will be their biggest occasion of the season so far, probably, their players will be totally motivated beyond how they normally perform - and it is going to be a very tough game.

"Strangely enough, on that note, I recently went to a game Gillingham played against someone; I won't say who, but it was a lower profile game and the atmosphere was so different to the day we were there - it really struck me.

"When we were there the drums were being banged and the place was bouncing but on this night it was so different, as was the performance of Gillingham - who weren't anything like they were against us.

"This is something we have to face week in, week out."

Paul says Paul Merson can still be a threat, adding:

"He is an incredibly talented player who can be very dangerous.

"He has got goals for them and it will be a tough match."