Don: Time To Do It

Don Hutchison is backing Alan Pardew to take West Ham up this season - but says it is time to put a run together.

Don, who came on at half time against his former club Sunderland on Saturday to help turn down a 2-0 deficit into a 3-2 victory, know that results haven't been what Alan has wanted but insists:

"I think the lads have responded from the start, and to be honest I really like the guy.

"He is a really good coach and a good motivator which is very important, especially when you have got big name players at a big club - you need someone that is going to motivate the boys.

"He has got great enthusiasm and he is doing a great job.

"I definitely think we can get into the top two spots; I don't think we have played great football this season and the fans will admit that.

"But then again we are only six or seven points off the top so it shows you that if we get any consistent form together we can easily go on a run."

As for his Scottish international team mate Christian Dailly getting pleurisy, he says:

"I don't know exactly what is wrong but he has been a regular all season so a little break might just do him good and he will come back refreshed.

"I wouldn't mind if we went to Walsall on Saturday, played awfully, and won, then we can concentrate on Ipswich to try and play some good football then."

Looking back on the win over Sunderland, he says:

"We struggled in the first half; I thought Sunderland got it down and played really well and fully deserved their lead because they did a good job on us.

"I just think the lads went out in the second half and had a go after Sunderland passed us around in the first half - it was quite frustrating for the players and the fans watching it.

"It was going to be a hard game for us; I am quite matey with a lot of their players and they knew that.

"They knew that if they scored the first goal they would have a right chance and they scored two which is unbelievable really to be 2-0 down at West Ham when it should be a fortress for us.

"But we did well in the second half and got the win."

Don helped inspire the transfer comeback after coming on for Wayne Quinn and adds:

"I was pleased; it was nice to come on and have a good game, but I just hope that it wasn't all in vain and that I get a start in the next game - otherwise it will be doubly frustrating.

"All I can do is keep trying when I come on and try and prove myself by doing what is best for the team.

"You always think you have done enough but whether I start on Saturday or not is a different matter.

"It would be nice to get up there and to get two wins back to back which is something we have not done all season - we could do with this win."

As for the defeat by Stoke, in which he also came on, he adds:

"They are always hard nights when the lower league teams come and get 10 men behind the ball to defend for their lives."

We know what you mean, Don; unfortunately, though, Stoke are not a lower league side any more - and neither or Walsall.

But we know he means no disrespect to the first division sides, and is rather stating what his colleagues agree with, when he says:

"The hardest part about it when you go away or even when the little teams come to you and raise their game to play their maximum because they want to beat West Ham," he concludes.