Matthew: Strong Words Said

Matthew Etherington reveals that strong words were said at half time on Saturday - and he believes it had a positive effect.

"Hopefully that will be a turning point in our season; there were some strong words at half time and we turned it around in the second half," he says.

"Maybe the words at half time got us going and we came out a different side in the second half.

"We know we weren't pretty but we showed a bit of character which maybe we haven't been so hopefully we can kick on from here.

"Everyone was saying a few harsh words and it was a great result - one that was much needed.

"The fans were on our backs and rightly so; it was up to us to change it round and everyone was really upbeat after the game.

"I think everyone just got round each other and a few players were saying harsh words to each other; maybe a few heated words got us more tighter and more united.

"And a few things went for us in the second half which they hadn't been because they only had two shots on goal in the first half which they scored from.

"But things turned round in the second half and everyone is really delighted with it."

"Now we have got Walsall away and if we win that we will really be able to kick on."