Hayden: We Stick Together

Hayden Mullins insists the players will stick together as they try to right the wrongs of Tuesday night's defeat by Stoke - which they are determined to do.

"We are all team mates so it is no good slagging each other off; you have to back each other 110% and be a team - that is how you push on," he stresses.

"The boss is desperate to give us a bit of praise, as he said, and we are desperate to give the fans something to shout about.

"Hopefully we can kick on and get a couple of wins, and if Jermain is back that is a massive boost for us. "There were too many players having an off day at once on Tuesday."

As for the crowd reaction on Tuesday, he adds:

"You try and blank it out to a degree but when things are not going the way you want them to, you start to feel it a bit, but at the end of the day all the lads are professionals and they have been through it before.

"What we have to take away from it is how disappointing it felt and not go through that again.

"We can most definitely climb up the table and with a little twist of luck I definitely think we can go on a run."

Hayden admits it was "flat" in the dressing room after the game and says:

"It was a massive chance for us to go up the table but we didn't take it; it is a cruel game but you make your own luck and I don't think we created enough to go on and win it.

"They put about 10 men behind the ball and left one up front and just scrapped it out - plus we didn't create enough chances.

"Marlon was fouled prior to their goal but it happened and they went down the other end and scored after we had hit the post.

"Look at where Stoke are in the table, where we are and what we are trying to do - we didn't produce.

"It was very flat in the dressing room but the main thing is the response and how we go on from this now.

"We have been beaten but it is not the end of the season or the world and we still have a lot of games to try and get back up there.

"The lads and the gaffer had a chat, a few things were said - and rightly so."