Lomy's Back

Steve Lomas returns to action in the reserves at home to Leicester on Wednesday evening - though Alan Pardew says he is unlikely to be available for Sunderland on Saturday.

"Lomy's character is going to be important to us and Neil Mellor is going to have a run out tonight, so suddenly on Saturday we are going to have a really strong bench and a really strong side which is what we have been aiming for," says Alan.

"Last night we were really short of bodies, and it is a shame we couldn't get the win and have all these bodies coming back in that circumstance - rather than on a negative.

"We are looking a lot stronger for Saturday squad-wise but I don't think Lomy has any chance for Saturday, to be honest.

"He has got a couple of reserve games to get through first and is only playing a part of the game tonight.

"Neil Mellor's recovery should be a bit quicker because it was just scar tissue for him and once he has got that padded up and is comfortable with it he can kick on quite quickly.

"Mattie will be back on Saturday but Rob Lee is having an operation today."

Chris Cohen, who featured in the first team squad recently, is back following suspension.

TEAM: Bywater, McLenehan, Blewitt, Lomas, Ferdinand, Lumsden, Noble M, McMahon, Garcia, Mellor, Cohen.

Subs: Pearson, Forde, Tattam, Bunce, Laws.