Brian's Warning

Brian Deane warns against complacency as West Ham face struggling Stoke City at Upton Park on Tuesday night.

"It is another tough game - we won't be taking anything for granted," he says.

"Hopefully we can get maximum points and I am still optimistic."

Brian scored an unfortunate own goal against West Bromwich Albion on his home debut, so he knows how Hayden Mullins feels about his against the same opposition on Saturday.

"It was a shame in the end; it was one of those where you don't feel they are going to score unless something like that happens," he reflects.

"It could have happened to any one of us; Hayden is back there doing his job and unfortunately it has sailed past Jamo.

"It is one of those where there is no blame attached - it is just one of those things and you have to pick yourself up from these things.

"It was always going to be a tight game and one goal was going to win it; when we came off and it was 0-0 that is how I thought.

"But there are plenty of games to go and we have to look forward to the next one."

David James says that Stoke will try to raise their game tonight and adds:

"We are this division's Arsenal or Manchester United; teams look not to get beaten by us and play their best possible football - and that is part of the frustration."