Alan On Atmosphere

Alan Pardew feels that the atmosphere of Upton Park can be a real help in the upcoming brace of games against Stoke and Sunderland.

"I have stressed to the players the fear factor for the opposition coming to our place," he says.

"But what we can't do is play with any anxiety and fear; we have got to play with confidence and belief - and the power that that stadium brings.

"If we do that we should win every game, but we are not, and that is something we need to work on

"There is no reason why we can't come out all guns blazing against Stoke after the last two performances.

"They are a committed side and Tony Pulis has a good knowledge of this division.

"Tony's side are no-nonsense, direct, and it will be a tough game.

Alan is glad to see the back of West Bromwich Albion after two games in a short space of time in which own goals have effectively cost the club three points. "They must like playing us but luckily that is that for the moment," he says.

"But I think we can come out of Saturday's game with a lot of credit and there were some real plus signs.

"Especially after they scored we kept the ball well and they didn't have any periods of pressure and remember we are talking about the league leaders here.

"There was a lot of regret in the changing rooms afterwards and the players, more so than me, knew they had that game won.

"It drifted away from us again and those are the sorts of breaks that have been happening to us.

"But I am a great believer that those sorts of things will even themselves out and somewhere down the road that will correct itself.

"We restricted them to long range shots and you could tell Jamo was on his game from the very first moment when he made a great save and then released us on an attack with a fantastic throw.

"He showed what he is - England's number one."

As for the change to a wing back system at the Hawthorns, Alan adds:

"I just felt we were lacking width against Wigan and with West Brom playing five across the midfield they would have really stretched us if we went with the same system.

"My thinking behind it was two-fold, firstly that if we matched them up we were better than them, and secondly we would have more width - and it worked quite well."

Robbie Stockdale was restored to the starting line-up - Kevin Horlock was the unlucky man to drop to the bench - and Alan adds:

"He has come into the team on the back of us winning against Wigan; you can see that there is a little more confidence in the side so it was easy for him in that sense and he produced a competent display.

"With three narrow midfielders I just felt there would be a lot of leg work needed and it wouldn't be fair on Kevin, up against wing backs.

"He is a good pro striving to improve; he keeps getting knocks here and there but once he gets up to speed he will be a real threat to claim his shirt and stay in there.

"It was a really unfortunate goal but you never really remember too many things that go in your favour but you always remember the ones that go against you.

"It was a blow for Hayden because he is desperate to do well in a West Ham shirt; he has been on the same run of games as I have and only had one win.

"He is a winner and it is tough for him but we make mistakes collectively and we all bear responsibility for that."

SQUAD: James, Bywater, Repka, Dailly, Hutchison, Carrick, Horlock, Connolly, Pearce, Harewood, Mullins, Deane, Quinn, Garcia, Ferdinand, Stockdale, Pearson, McMahon D, Noble D.