A Killer Record?

Matthew Kilgallon could end up with an interesting record by the end of the season - as having served more managers in one campaign than any other player.

Matthew, who returned to Leeds after the Watford game following his loan spell, arrived under Glenn Roeder in a move approved by Peter Reid.

Next up, it was Trevor Brooking under whose tutelage he was involved, followed by, of course Alan Pardew.

He was recalled to Elland Road by Leeds' caretaker boss Eddie Gray, and, if Leeds appoint a 'permanent' successor to him soon, that will make a grand total of SIX managers in little over three months.

Not a bad learning curve for the 19 year old, who jokes:

"I am going through them, aren't I?"

Does he not have concerns about being involved in a relegation dogfight, though?

"I am worried, but in a way it could be good for me; but I support Leeds and the worst thing for me is seeing them at the bottom of the table," he says.

"Eddie Gray wanted me back and hopefully it is a good sign for me if I can do well in training and we will see what happens.

"I can see everyone working extra hard for Eddie and I think we will get back up there - and if I got in that team I would give it everything."

There is a theory that Leeds simply have too many hired hands on temporary contracts from abroad and Matthew says:

"There may be too many loan players at Leeds but they are all good players who have come.

"It is just getting them to play together now; it will take time but hopefully it will come soon.

"It is a huge mountain even after the Charlton win, but Leeds have some good players and if everyone continues to dig in for Eddie Gray they will get out of it."

Matthew concurs with the view that West Ham's reputation as the 'Academy' side is well deserved, and he adds:

"I gained some experience at West Ham and came to a club that looked after me - I have definitely learnt a lot, and there is definitely a big difference between the reserves and the first division.

"They are games that mean a lot more, there are good players in the first division, and I have enjoyed it - everyone has looked after me in the training sessions and I have gained a lot; you just have to keep impressing people in training.

"There are some great players at West Ham and I am sure they will be up there at the end of the season."

As for that sequence of draws when he was at the club, and, endearingly, slipping into the 'we' mode when talking about West Ham, he explains his theory about why the Hammers have found it such hard going.

"Everyone looks at the fixture list at the beginning of the season and probably play better against us," he says.

"For the last match at which I was at the club, against Watford, we played some great stuff and I thought we were unlucky."

Matthew's departure is not only Leeds' gain - it is particularly Neil Mellor's loss.

Neil shared a flat with Matthew, who reckons he did all the cooking, and he jokes:

"He will probably be on the phone to me soon to say 'how do you work this oven?'"