Trevor: No Magic Wand

Trevor Brooking admits there is no "magic wand" regarding the appointment of the next manager of West Ham - and also says he will be calling on Glenn Roeder very soon.

"You get a whole range of opinions, and even now about who the club should be appointing, there is a diverse range," he says.

"You need the experienced man, you need the young hungry person, you need a first division manager who knows this division, you need the difference of the overseas person.

"In the end there is no magic wand to get the person who fits all your criteria that a whole range of people want, so whoever you end up giving the role to you will have people saying 'why did you do that?'.

"But you have to give that person as much support as you can and there is no wonderful formula for selecting one.

"We are in the first division, we have certain financial restrictions, and we have to get the person that we think will give us a promotion push, and that is the priority."

And, revealing the continued relationship Trevor will have with Glenn, he adds: "Glenn lives nearby to me so when we get the game against Ipswich out of the way I am sure before the end of next week when I go to Macedonia I will have the chance to pop round and have a chat with him.

"I shall look forward to that; we will stay in contact and catch up with where we think we all are.

"We wish him and his family well and if we can help in any way I am sure we will.

"We will see each other next week some time and I think it is important for him, having worked so hard to get fit again, to take stock and decide what is going to best for him in the future.

"I think he will want to get back into football because he is very enthusiastic about it."