Rob: We Must Bounce Back

Rob Lee admits he is sad to see Glenn Roeder leave the club - but says he and his colleagues must put personal feelings behind them on Tuesday night to concentrate on winning three points against Bradford.

Of Glenn's departure on Sunday, Rob, one of six players Glenn signed since the end of last season, concedes:

"I am probably more disappointed than others; I knew Glenn very well, he was a good friend of mine, and he was responsible for bringing me to the club I love after 20 years - so I have got a lot to thank him for."

"I have probably known him longer than the other boys; he was a local lad to me and I worked with him for England under Glen Hoddle.

"I was very disappointed to see him go - I liked him as a man and a manager.

"Maybe other people will see it differently but I think it was a sad day yesterday, and a crying shame that he has gone.

"Strange things happen in football but we have to get on with the football - and get the results on the board.

"I think the players are stunned and it certainly wasn't expected, but it has happened to me before at Newcastle and Derby for instance - you just have to get on with it, and try and do your best for the club.

"We just have to get on now and try to beat Bradford - a good result is what we need."

Rob is disgruntled with the inference in many quarters that the furore about Rotherham's compact dressing room had anything to do with the decision about Glenn leaving - and insists:

"It is complete rubbish and factually incorrect; the only thing we did was get our shorts and socks on outside the ground; we arrived in track suits to put on our boots and shirts on as normal, we did the warmup as normal and after the game and a shower we got on the coach as normal.

"West Ham are there to be knocked at the moment; anyone and everyone is doing it - but to say we were disrespecting Rotherham is utter rubbish and a complete joke.

"If we had won 3-0 no one would have said anything, would they?"

Rob is candid in his assessment of the Hammers' performance at the weekend, though, and adds:

"The results up to the Rotherham game have been pretty good though Saturday was disappointing in the manner that we lost, especially in the first half where we played as poorly as we have since I have been at the club.

"That first half was awful - but in the second half I thought we were by far the better team, camped in their half.

"We still didn't play the way we know we can, but we could still have got away winning three or four one - it was a strange game.

"We are under no illusions; we didn't play very well at all, but, in saying that, I thought their keeper was man of the match."

As for the positives from the trip to Millmoor, Rob adds:

"You have to look for plus points and for me that was the return of Michael Carrick - I have been waiting a long time to play alongside him.

"I am really pleased he is back and I am sure the West Ham fans are really pleased he is back."

Michael, indeed, has suffered no adverse reaction to what was effectively his third comeback game of this campaign, and is in the squad for the visit of Bradford.