Michael Is The Best

Glenn Roeder says that Michael Carrick "could play for any team in the Premiership."

Michael, in the squad for the Rotherham game, has had a couple of aborted comebacks this summer and Glenn says:

"We have tried twice this year and got into a position where we have got him on the field; he had a small part of the game against Wycombe and a small part of the game against PSV where he felt really good but in the next couple of days in training he didn't feel so good so we had to ease him back again.

"But we cannot risk breaking him down, because I genuinely believe when he is fit again he will be the best player in the first division - I have no doubt about that because he has so much class.

"The important thing again is that you are working with a quality person; he hasn't shown any signs other than wanting to stay at this club and wanting to get us back in the Premiership.

"He is an absolute dream to work with and if you had 20 characters like him to work with being a manager would be a lot easier - I cannot speak highly enough of Michael as a player and a person.

"He has already played for the England seniors a number of times and I am confident that by the time he is 25 or 26 he will have played for them many more times.

"He has been very unfortunate that he has had problems in the groin areas with a double hernia operation but that will all settle down.

"We are desperate for Michael to be fully fit and playing week in, week out, and when he does he will show the quality and the belief I have in him; he could play for any team in the Premiership, and I mean any team, without looking out of place."

Glenn says that Michael has not moaned about relegation, adding:

"It is good that he has got on with trying to get himself fit again; he hasn't been to see me about any concerns about playing in this division this year, he has just got on with it.

"What he is saying is that when he is fit he will let his football do the talking; that is a great attitude and I can't praise him highly enough."