Glenn On Lomy Blow

Glenn Roeder reveals he is looking to bring another midfielder to the club to replace Steve Lomas, who will miss half the season as he recovers from more ankle surgery.

"Steve is a major player for us this year and to have him out for the first 20 games is very disappointing to say the least," says Glenn.

"You have to live with that, but it means we have to find another central midfield player to fill the void in the squad that Steve has created by being injured.

"It is just disappointing that when he had the operation at the end of the season the job wasn't done there and then.

"As that operation he had in the summer wasn't successful we have taken him across to Holland to see another specialist who is world renowned on ankles - he only operates on them.

"He has taken a lot of scans and saw the problem immediately; he was very, very confident that with another operation he will be able to cure Steve Lomas' ankle problem for good.

"But of course the downside for us is that he is now going to be out until December, which is very annoying to say the least when the squad is so small."

Glenn is full of praise for Rotherham's achievements in maintaining their first division status on a tight budget, and he says:

"I would say that although they might not have a 40,000 capacity stadium, and it might be old, in terms of where they are in English football at the moment Ronnie Moore and the players are doing an extremely good job.

"We have watched them two or three times and I have the videos of their game against Cardiff on the opening day of the season and the one at Norwich last Saturday.

"They have been watched and analysed and we know what to expect of them; they are a very hard working side, and for any team that achieves anything the first place is through competing.

"The first thing they will do is compete, but so will we and then we will see what happens."

Rotherham have had a 0-0 draw with Cardiff and a 2-0 defeat at Norwich, as well as a 2-1 Carling Cup win at home to York.