Glenn: Horlock Will Be Key

Glenn Roeder feels that Kevin Horlock's experience can be vital to the club's promotion push this season.

"The first thing I am going to say is that experience is going to be key this year," says Glenn. "I have looked at other teams in the last two or three years that have won promotion and all of those teams have experience with a sprinkling of youth.

"With Kevin's experience and a recent one of winning the first division with Manchester City where he played a big part a couple of years back, added to the fact that he is a very versatile player who can play in three positions on the left side, he is a good acquisition.

"He has an excellent left foot with good set play deliveries and he is a safe passer; he will retain the ball for us more often than not, and as we saw on Saturday, he can play in defence as well.

"I had never met him before we signed him but no matter who I spoke to - I wouldn't say who they were, but there are one or two people who have West Ham and Manchester City connections - they said he is excellent in the dressing room and once he gets to know the lads he will create the right spirit in there and bring people together.

"People will like playing with him and he is very much a club man. Since leaving West Ham as a young player he has basically had two clubs.

"He is not someone who comes and then wants to go, he is someone who stays around.

"30 is a good age and you should still be playing your best football then.

"I know what he can do on the football field, I know what his strengths are and they will certainly be able to help us this year.

"Some players play their best football for those next three years because of the experience they have gained in the previous 10.

"We are not a big squad physically and he brings some physical presence into the side; he is six foot and will be useful in both penalty boxes.

"There are a lot of reasons that made it the right decision to bring Kevin Horlock to West Ham for this season."

He feels the price is right and reveals that not all of the £300,000 has had to have been paid up front.

"Payments can be spread now and it can add up to that; we haven't had to pay all of that in one go but that is what it will add up to eventually and when you look at the whole package - both Kevin's personal package and the deal we have done with Manchester City - I am confident that he will be a very useful addition to our squad."

Regarding speculation last week in one newspaper that claimed Glenn had made a move for Mikael Forsell and Carlton Cole, the Chelsea strikers, on loan, he says: "Just at this particular moment in time the front part of the team, with Defoe, Connolly and Mellor, while we have got a few injuries in midfield and are waiting to add another defender to the squad, is probably the strongest part of the team.

"I never comment on other clubs' players and I haven't got a clue where that speculation has come from - unless I am saying it through our club web site, it isn't happening."

As for Sebastien Schemmel's free transfer to Portsmouth at the weekend, he adds: "The deal with Portsmouth concerning Sebastien Schemmel was the best deal for both parties and that is where we draw a line under it."