Glenn: I'm Searching

Glenn Roeder is desperately looking to bring in at least one new face before Saturday in the continued absence of Steve Lomas, Michael Carrick, and Ian Pearce.

Contrary to some reports, the midfield pair are not yet on the way back, and Glenn says: "For the Rushden game it is definitely a similar squad to Saturday.

"I think we can forget Lomy and Michael Carrick for the next two or three weeks and we don't need to be talking about them day by day.

"I am open-ended about them, as I am with Ian Pearce; I am not sure when he will be fit, either.

"They are three such important and huge players for us this year.

"There is no cover in those areas and I am trying to find possibilities for Saturday, but it is not easy - teams with big squads don't want to let their fringe players go.

"It is not a question that the players wouldn't come to us if they were given the opportunity, it is a question of managers allowing them to come to us.

"I have made half a dozen enquiries in the last couple of days about players and either the player is injured or the manager won't let him come to us.

"So we keep our noses down and keep trying to sniff one or two out.

"I would very much like someone by Saturday; it is cracking on now and we are still looking to come up with a player that I can be saying to the club 'look, this is a possibility, let's pick it up.'

"That doesn't mean you give up and stop working - you keep hard at it and something will turn up."

Glenn feels that the supporters will, indeed, support the players on the field against Rushden, unfamiliar to them some of them may be.

After all, there were six debuts at Preston and for many fans this will be the first time to see the new arrivals at first hand.

"The football club has gone through a really tough time and the supporters have been what you want them to be - they have supported the team.

"The players are being as positive as they can, and, to be honest, it is time the negativity stopped.

"It would be good if the lads were given some credit and if we give them a performance to be proud of they will, I'm sure, support us throughout the game.

"Be it the first home game of the season or the last, it is very important to be mentally prepared and, looking at the players in training since Saturday gives me a lot of confidence they will be fully motivated."