Christian: Stick Together

Christian Dailly says that unity will be the key to a successful season in the first division.

Despite the public criticism of Glenn Roeder and the club by Sebastien Schemmel recently, Christian feels that the focus must be on the positive - not the negative.

Seb was not involved in the PSV Eindhoven game which meant that Anton Ferdinand made his home debut at right back in front of 12,774 fans on Friday night, and Christian says:

"The squad is small so we have to stick together and it will help the young lads as well, making them feel a part of it, because they are going to have a big say on the season.

"If we can get up that table it could be good for us.

"Last season was disappointing because we put in so much as players, giving everything, but it just fell short at the end.

"But the only way to get over it, as it is the past now, is hard work again, and there is no point brooding on it."

Christian vows to help the youngsters such as Anton, Shaun Byrne, and Youssef Sofiane through the season, and adds:

"I take a big responsibility anyway in the teams that I play in and I have been here a couple of years now, so I am well in and know how things work.

"So I will take a responsibility anyway and I am looking forward to that."

And he reveals he never once considered his future at the club, despite the bitter disappointment of relegation.

"It is not even in my make-up to think about something like that; it is not even on the radar," he says.

"I just want to get on with it and play here; I want us to win the league and that is all I am thinking about."

On Friday he typified the aatitude that Glenn Roeder wants from his players when he played an unfamiliar right midfield role against the Dutch champions, and he says he will make whatever sacrifices are neccessary to get West Ham back up the table.

"The whole place deserves Premiership football but not every game is going to be pretty football; it will be hard slog and if you are not prepared for that you won't play.

"My thoughts are positive."

He is disappointed that the last two preseason games have ended in defeat, though and explains:

"The last couple of results have been disappointing but I remain positive, I hope we can keep everyone, and it is now a case of building for next season and beyond.

"It is about digging in for the whole season which is going to be tough in every single game.

"But we must go into every one believing we can win it, home and away.

"That is the sort of positive mentality we need; the squad is quite small but it is very close."