Sir Geoff Approves

Sir Geoff Hurst says that Bobby Moore's unofficial elevation to 'sir' is something he thoroughly approves of!

At the unveiling on Monday of the 'Champions' sculpture, Prince Andrew, HRH The Duke of York, in his capacity as the President of The Football Association, attended the ceremony and referred to 'Sir Bobby Moore'.

Unfortunately, not even his mother the Queen can award a knighthood posthumously, but Sir Geoff, mindful also of the FA's PA announcer referring to the 'Sir Bobby Moore Stand' at the England v Australia game played at Upton Park in February, insists: "It is interesting that quite a number of people do refer to him as Sir Bobby, and quite rightly as well.

"In football terms he was definitely a 'sir', no question about it."

Fans going to the Chelsea game on Saturday will get their first glimpse of the statue, on the corner of Green Street and Barking Road, depicting the famous photo of Bobby being held aloft following the World Cup win over West Germany in 1966.

"I am absolutely delighted," says Sir Geoff. "I never thought all these years ago they would be putting a statue up for Mooro, Martin, and myself - and of course Ray - on the Barking Road, and I am thrilled to bits. It is terrific, absolutely brilliant."

His thoughts, though, are also with Glenn Roeder, his continuing recovery, and the welcome progress he has made in recent days.

"We all hope he has a speedy and full recovery and comes back as quickly as possible.

"It is very disappointing what happened to him. He has given his all to the season and it has been very stressful for him - and this brings home how stressful the job of manager is."

Sir Geoff is confident that West Ham have a fighting chance of staying up, and he adds: "There is no question at all we can get the six points we need, though much of it now is in the hands of other clubs.

"But what we have to do - and it is feasible - is win the next two games."

With Chelsea the next opponents, he adds: "Our record in the last few games has been particularly good anyway, and there is no reason at all, as Trevor Brooking has said, that we can't win.

"We always do reasonably well against Chelsea both home and away. It will be a huge game, not only for us of course, but also for Chelsea, who need to win the game for their European Champions' League ambitions.

"I am looking forward to the game, and I shall be there as usual."