Rufus Relaxed

Rufus Brevett insists there is "no tension" ahead of Saturday's big game with Bolton - and says he is surprised that his old club Fulham have struggled of late.

Despite the hype surrounding the game, Rufus reveals:

"It has been very relaxed; there has been no tension and the lads are looking forward to the challenge.

"There are some difficult games coming up and obviously it was an opportunity lost on Saturday but we have just got to pick ourselves up.

"It is another difficult game, and we have to take one at a time; obviously the Villa game was a big disappointment but going into this one, we have had a good week's training - and we are full of confidence.

"You have got to look at these things with a positive attitude and we are going there to win the game, we are not going to look to get a point - and I believe we have got the players that can win the game.

"I don't know what it was like before I came here but ever since I have been at the club there has been great confidence, great belief, and no one has talked about relegation, so I can't understand why we are in this position."

As for the plight of his old club Fulham, not safe themselves, Rufus says:

"I am very surprised about it because they have got some fantastic players there; they had a good start to the season but maybe there are some tired legs there, I don't know.

"It is all cleared up that the manager is not going to be there next season, it is all out in the open - maybe it was the timing of it, but it is not really my concern any more.

"Any team that is mathematically not safe is in it, and it is such a hard league anything can happen, so they still need a couple of wins - and until they get them they are not safe.

"I think the more teams that are in the mix, the better, but there is nothing we can do about the other results; we can only be concerned about our own, and we have to get some wins."

Rufus is full of praise for Jermain Defoe, who is on the shortlist of six for the PFA Young Player Of The Year award, and is hoping his bad luck against Aston Villa has all been used up going forward into the weekend.

"I have played against Jermain, he is a handful for any defender, and when you train with him you realise how talented he is.

"He is a very good finisher, so I was a bit surprised he didn't get a couple of goals against Villa on Saturday."

Rufus is well aware that any mistake could be costly, and adds:

"The back players are under a bit more pressure because if we make a mistake it could result in a goal, whereas if a forward player misses a chance then you get another one.

"It is difficult but you have just got to stay focused on the job in hand."

As for the big clash, he concludes:

"I have played against Bolton twice for Fulham and I think they are a good side, strong and hard working - and it is going to be a difficult game."

Glenn is quick to praise the contribution of Rufus since signing him in the summer, and adds:

"He, and Les, have brought a lot to the dressing room as well as on the pitch, and that was a factor in me looking to sign them."

As for the absence of rival left back Nigel Winterburn from the squad, Glenn explains:

"Sadly his father passed away and that is the reason he has not been involved in it."

Meanwhile, David James is also keen to play down the tension aspect, adding:

"It feels like a normal day; it is important but all games are important now, aren't they? It has to be approached in the same manner as all the others.

"We would liked to have won on Saturday, and bar an excellent performance from Pete Enckelman we would have done.

"But if we can perform as well as we did I am sure we can win."

Bolton, like the Hammers, have been on good form of late, and David says:

"It has made it entertaining but it would be nice if it was all over; it is not and we have got to do our thing.

"We are going to win, it is as simple as that - and there is not much more I can say about it."