Glenn's Double Delight

Glenn Roeder is delighted that Jermain Defoe has been nominated as a contender for the PFA Young Player Of The Year award - and is also cheered by some good news about Michael Carrick.

On Jermain, he says:

"He deserves to be nominated; I suppose everyone will point to Wayne Rooney, but it doesn't matter.

"The fact that he has been recognised by his fellow professionals is for me the biggest honour that can be bestowed on another professional.

"It is professionals who are in the game, know the game and understand how difficult it is, and I am delighted they have recognised one of our players; they are in it themselves week in, week out, so that is magnificent for Jermain and I am delighted for him.

"And I congratulate the other five who are also contenders; whether Jermain wins it or not doesn't matter, he is one of six young players who has been recognised for him.

"It is terrific, and I hope he can finish these last five games in goal scoring fashion."

Glenn says he will bounce back after being so unlucky against Aston Villa on Saturday, adding:

"He is not one to mope around and he is not one to gloat either.

"He is a very well rounded individual that keeps his feet on the ground, and his mum is a great influence on him in that respect.

"He comes from a lovely family and, because of that, it will allow him to develop every season - and he will become a better and better player every year.

"Whatever he wants he can attain in the game, because he has got the ability and the correct attitude - dedication and diligence."

As for the imminent return of Michael Carrick, Glenn adds:

"We are fine and Michael Carrick has had light training this week which he stepped up on Thursday without any reaction to the increased intensity of the training - and hopefully he will have no problems overnight.

"We are not expecting a problem which is great news, and means we will have him over the weekend.

"What we have to decide is whether we will have him available for the two games or for the one - we will decide that after training on Friday.

"Michael Carrick is a key member of the team; I spoke to him today and he is desperate to be fit because he wants to play his part in our survival goal."

But Glenn is quick to praise the performance of Steve Lomas in central midfield last Saturday, adding:

"Steve Lomas had a terrific game last week, considering he had to come off only a week earlier at half time against Southampton.

"He got himself fit last week and then went and had a terrific 90 minutes at the end of it; I thought the players did everything they could against Aston Villa other than win the game.

"We made the chances but unfortunately we didn't take them with a combination of the finishing not being quite what you would like it to be and great goalkeeping.

"It is ironic that Enckelman has been criticised this season - in my opinion unfairly, because in both games against us this season he has picked up man of the match awards.

"It tells you how well we played at Villa Park because we lost that game 4-1 - and how often does the home team goalkeeper pick up the man of the match award when his team has won 4-1?

"That shows how many he saves he made that day, and it could have been a very high scoring game.

"Last week it was another man of the match performance, which is good luck to him and disappointing for us.

"The save from Fredi, the one from Glen, Jermain right at the death - they were amazing saves.

"And even Enckelman couldn't do anything about Steve's chance - the only thing that kept that out was the woodwork, and it painfully did that.

"If you ask Steve to do that again, head the ball against the underside of the crossbar and back into the keeper's hands, he could try it for 100 years and not do it."

Glenn says he is meticulous about his training sessions at Chadwell Heath, adding:

"I like to have at least two or three sessions of 20 minutes; you have to be careful on the concentration span of the players because if you have say one session of an hour and a half they lose concentration.

"Arsene Wenger said early on when he went to Arsenal that he changes his sessions after 20 minutes because of the concentration span, and I agree with that."

"I make notes and keep a record of what happens during the week, and, if I need to, look back and remind myself - then hopefully I learn from them.

"I feel that in my own mind there have been many lessons for me to learn this year and every training session we have ever done is down on paper - I have a file of what we have done, session by session so I can then look back at them and, hopefully, learn what works and what doesn't.

"It's for other people to say at the end of the season whether all this has made me a better manager but it just seems common sense to me.

"I remember Dave Sexton telling me he did it years ago; he lived in Brighton and used to take the train to Chelsea and he would write down his three sessions for the morning."

As for the build up to the game, he adds:

"I've not detected any nerves, only a feeling of wanting to get up there and get on with it.

"We're going up there to be as attack minded as we can - if you think about losing, you shouldn't be in the game.

"Results make training better because players are more confident and start believing they can take on anybody, and the win at West Brom was the beginning of that.

"As a group of players, they have always got on very well, but results have helped them bond much better.

"Players enjoy living on the edge and Les Ferdinand is a good example of that - he could have stayed in the comfort zone at Spurs, but, instead, chose to come here and live on that edge.

"And if you get the outcome you want, it's all the more enjoyable to succeed."

Meanwhile, Gary Breen has been named in the Republic of Ireland squad for their friendly international against Norway on 30 April.

* There will be an Easter sportswear in-house raffle this weekend with tickets on sale in the stadium store on Easter Saturday, for the Bolton beam-back, and on Easter Monday against Middlesbrough.

It is £1 per strip of five tickets and prizes include an autographed football, autographed player shirts, and a limited edition Bugs Bunny print.

The draw will take place with a celebrity at five o'clock on Easter Monday in the stadium store.