Glen's Secret Weapon

Glen Johnson says his long throws are based on the way he takes them rather than simply brute force.

It was Glen's Gargantuan throw that set Jermain Defoe up for the equaliser at Southampton last Saturday and Glenn Roeder admits it is something he is looking to exploit further.

As for the man himself, he says:

"I haven't been practising it; I have always had it - it is not about strength, just technique but not everyone can throw it that far.

"My brother's mate told him it was some sort of record on Saturday, but I'll have to find out; I don't know if that is true or not.

"But I was on the half way line and it ended up in the six yard box, so that is quite far.

"I cleared all the big men and hit Jermain so it is just as well Ian Pearce didn't control it!

"I think the defender thought the keeper was going to come and get it, but he didn't and it ended up in the middle of nowhere.

"Whenever I get the chance I put it in the box; we don't score enough set pieces but if we get enough in free play we aren't going to complain."

But Glen is not dwelling on the achievements of the hard earned point at the weekend, and he adds:

"Saturday's draw is out of my mind now; we are just going to have to go out against Villa and do what we have been doing, get at them early, and they have got a few players that won't like it.

"We need to start well and set the tone for the game.

"We have got to be confident; it is only up to us and I am sure if we do what we have to do we can get a few results.

"Villa have got a hard run but we have to win nearly all our remaining games now."

As for settling into the first team, and the pleasure that brings his family, he says:

"They are happy for me playing but they want to see us winning as well."