Glenn: I Trust Fredi

Glenn Roeder is confident that Fredi Kanoute will put the publicity that has attached itself to him this week out of sight at the weekend against Aston Villa - but is unhappy that it came about at all.

A claim that Fredi was looking to leave the club, even quoting him, appeared this week, but the player was quick to dismiss the notion that he had spoken about leaving.

The implication, too, was that he was unhappy at not starting against Southampton and Sunderland but he said here at the start of the week that 'it is a team thing' - and spoke of his respect for his 'rival' for a place up front, Les Ferdinand.

Says Glenn:

"Fredi came out and trained exceptionally well; I trust Fredi absolutely 100% and if he says he didn't say anything to Sky I believe him - there is no problem there on my part.

"I know Fredi well enough now and I have a very good working relationship with him; if there was a problem he is not the sort of guy to go and make it first be known in the media.

"He would come and see me to chat things through - and he hasn't done that because there isn't a problem.

"He knows the importance of the next five weeks and six games and he is not the sort of person who would go out to rock the boat."

Nonetheless, Glenn is unhappy about the report appearing and he adds:

"It was unnecessary; I am disappointed when you get these mischief makers trying to cause trouble at your club.

"We have got enough hard work over the next five weeks securing our Premiership safety and these sort of untrue stories are the last thing you need."

Glenn knows that Fredi is chomping at the bit to play after injury and then suspension following the sending off at Leeds hampered his season.

"It has been a disappointing season for him with injuries - he knows that - and he was very low after the game against Leeds because he knew he shouldn't have got himself sent off - though he knew he deserved to be because of the action he took when he was provoked by Seth Johnson," says Glenn.

"It has been a very disruptive season for him and he is such a key player for us - there is no doubt about it, since Fredi has been at West Ham his contribution, especially at Upton Park and scoring winning goals, has been immense.

"A goal every three games is a good ratio for any striker in the Premiership and he is a very important member of the team.

"He is looking forward to the next six games and playing his part; he has had two terrific second half performances against Sunderland and Southampton and he certainly proved his fitness and his motivation to all of us."