Fredi's Denial

Fredi Kanoute denies comments attributed to him claiming that he wants to leave West Ham in the summer.

When told about the reports, he responded immediately: "Who said this? My face is not seen so it is not true.

"I haven't said I want to leave and I don't talk any more to anyone except you and my web site, so I can't say that - I haven't spoken to Sky so it can't be true.

"I am just coming back from my injury, I am just happy to play and I haven't talked to anyone about leaving.

"I just want to play and we will see what happens in the summer, but that is not a problem at the moment.

"The whole team is concerned about the club and what is going to happen - and we can see that in the dressing room and the training ground.

"Everyone is concerned with the team first - and so am I.

"I just want to play on Saturday and do my best, and that is it, but I haven't spoken to anyone about leaving - you can tell people it is not true."

He is optimistic the Hammers can stay up and is asking supporters of the club to ignore reports from outside it.

"I am concentrated on the football and I am sure we can do it. We just have to focus and not worry about everything being said around the pitch because they just want to break you down and you don't understand why."

As for whether he starts against Aston Villa on Saturday, he says: "We will see on Saturday what the starting line-up is but we can't speak about that now."