Glenn Defiant

  • Hammers 11/2 to win at Chelsea on Saturday -
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Glenn Roeder says that his current crop of players WILL get West Ham off the foot of the Premiership table.

But he admits it will take a huge effort, and says: "Times couldn't be tougher or more uncomfortable. We have had the start that every manager - and just as important, every supporter - dreads.

"Now it is a case of going to the next 90 minutes - you can't look too far ahead.

"That is the opportunity we have against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge - it could not be more difficult, but at the moment we have been finding all the games difficult, because we have not been getting the breaks at the right time.

"On Saturday, and having looked at the video yesterday it confirms it, we could have quite easily found ourselves 2-0 up at half time.

"But we didn't create enough in the second half to get the breakthrough.

"But what we have to decide is: 'are we going to all stick together and get out of it together?'

"That for me is the only way forward - and not the other way, which is to become fragmented and go off in different directions with everyone having their say, if you want.

"Now, the players, myself, the backroom staff, we feel tight as a unit, and we certainly feel we deserve more than the two points we have achieved, but that is the reality.

"We are all backed up in a corner - and it is time that all the men stand up and be counted, and say that they want to be involved in getting out of the trouble we have got in in the first six games of the season."

Media have suggested there is a problem with Joe Cole, with suggestions that he is unhappy, but Glenn stresses: "There are no rifts at the football club and the first attempt by people to suggest that was at Tottenham when Paolo came off to celebrate the equalising goal.

"It was utter nonsense, and people are now suggesting there is a rift because Joe said what he did; but there is no problem- Joe is like the rest of the players in his disappointment about how the results have gone.

"It is a very determined bunch of players who want to sort it out, and it can be done - but it needs to be sorted out now - asap, as they say."