Paul: We'll Turn It Round

Paul Goddard believes that greater concentration - and a little luck - will help the Hammers turn the corner.

The squad have been working hard and discussing matters this week at Chadwell Heath, and Paul says:

"At the moment we have got these very poorly defended goals to highlight, and, like every club, we have videos to look at and go through.

"It is down to the players when they cross the line but we prepare them and think we have done for the last few games as well as we possibly could have.

"We don't think we have particularly had the rub of the green, really, but we can't put it solely down to that.

"Against Spurs we didn't get the rub, and we didn't get it against West Brom - we needed a break to get ourselves in the game.

"When we actually analysed the third goal at Spurs we looked at three or four people that could have done better, and in hindsight would have made different decisions on where to go.

"That just sums up the little spell we are having.

"It is never nice to be down the bottom; you have to face up to it.

"The thing is everyone can see where we are and can completely focus on what we have to do to get out there.

"It is not doom and gloom but we have got to be honest and say not everyone is jumping around doing cartwheels.

"Clearly, everyone is disappointed with the way it has gone, and we have had several meetings, positive ones, this week."

It is not just at the back, though, where the problems need to be addressed, and Paul adds:

"We certainly created a lot of opportunities on Sunday; the shooting could have been better as well.

"You don't often go away and have 15 efforts; the problem was they weren't on target, except for two, and that has been pointed out.

"Against Tottenham and West Brom those two performances, last year perhaps, would have got us draws or even wins."

It was ironic, perhaps, that having started the game with four centre halves on duty, the Hammers ended up with only two after Tomas Repka was carried off and Ian Pearce was sent off.

Discussing that, Paul says:

"Obviously losing Tomas was a blow, and with Ian it was an instinctive moment when you know you have beaten by a super bit of skill; and he stretched out hoping to get the ball but then realised it was out of reach.

"He just hooked the boy's legs away, and we have got no argument with the decision.

"We were expecting a very big Tottenham side but as it turned out Les Ferdinand was not involved and Dean Richards did not play, so they lost a little bit of their height.

"Glenn certainly decided we needed a little bit of physical presence in the game and we coped with the set pieces.

"There might be changes on Saturday and there might not; it is not clear cut.

"Tomas is recovering very quickly; he is a super fit person and we are hopeful he will be back."

Paul says the players can't wait for the weekend, and are certainly not shirking the challenge ahead.

"We are looking forward to Manchester City - we want the next game to come quickly, and this one can't come fast enough.

"Even the next day we wanted the next game to get going, because there wasn't a lot wrong in the performance at Tottenham apart from the errors.