Good News For Tomas?

Tomas Repka looks likely to recover from the knee injury sustained against Tottenham in time for the visit of Manchester City at the weekend.

Says club doctor Ges Steinbergs: "He had an X-ray at White Hart Lane which showed severe bruising, without any further complications such as a fracture.

"We have since given him a scan and the report confirms the bad bruising to the knee cap. He also had a small cut to the knee which required stitching.

"What has made him so sore is that the nerve, which is very sensitive, was caught, and when I saw him grimacing in such pain at the time my first reaction was that he must have broken his leg.

"He is so stoic, though, and it will take a lot for him not to play at the weekend.

"We will obviously play it by how it goes but his knee is a lot less stiff and he is keen to train on Thursday and Friday.

"He is getting better every day and my instincts tell me he will be okay for the weekend."

Joe Cole will gave the stitches taken out of his mouth on Wednesday following the clash he had - and for which he was very unfortunate to be booked - against West Bromwich Albion.

"He had a wobbly tooth," says Ges, "and don't ask me what the medical term for that is!

"But I looked at it today and it is coming along nicely."

Don Hutchison is continuing his rehabilitation, while the other injuries concern goalkeepers David Forde, who has a shoulder problem, and Steve Bywater, who has a broken wrist.

"They are doing their own training, "says Ges, "with Steve still in a plaster cast that will be on for a few weeks yet, and David is coming along well."