Glenn: Let's Back Michael

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Glenn Roeder insists he has not had a go at West Ham fans for their treatment of Michael Carrick - but admits he is worried about what future effect it might have on his feelings for the club if it continues unabated.

One newspaper reported that Glenn had made a 'savage attack' on the supporters for their treatment of him against West Brom, but he counters:

"I didn't 'savage' the fans, I made the reasonable point that even though Michael has played for England a couple of times he is still a young and inexperienced player.

"Jeering him is not going to make him a better player and help him rediscover the brilliant form he showed at times last year.

"The fans vented their feelings which they are entitled to do, and none of us, as professionals, have got a problem with that.

"But I couldn't see where anything positive can come out of giving any players, but especially our young, homegrown players that we are desperate to keep, stick.

"People must realise that Michael is a very intelligent lad and he knows if he is not playing well; to be jeered, in the manner that he was, surprised me.

"I have always considered our fans to be very fair and already in his short career he has achieved so much.

"He didn't deserve the sort of response that he got - and that treatment won't bring him back to form quicker."

Glenn reveals that he has had clubs all over the land pestering him to sell Michael, and adds:

"It might be the time to actually say now that we have had, in the last 18 months, so much interest in Michael from the biggest clubs in the Premiership.

"It would obviously be wrong of me to name those clubs but all of the biggest clubs in the division have enquired about Michael in the last 18 months - and that is a testimony to his ability.

"His quality has attracted all the biggest clubs; every one of them has picked up the phone and enquired about him in the last 18 months - and every one of them has been told he is not for sale, and that he is on a long contract.

"Michael, Joe Cole, Jermain Defoe - we all know they are the three young players we would like to build a squad around.

"We don't want to be driving these young players away, but when they have a decision to make about staying or going to one of these bigger clubs they have got long memories as well.

"They will remember how they were treated - and he won't forget the reception he has had in the last couple of games.

"It will be part of my job to help him forgive."

"Remember - and I have been one of them - I have always considered our fans very supportive, especially with our homegrown talent.

"We should be trying to help him, not make the situation worse.

"But that was not a 'savage attack' on our fans - and anyone who knows me knows that is not my style.

"Hopefully this won't hinder his return to form; every player, young or old, goes through a loss of form, and the sooner we get Michael back on track playing the way that he can, the better.

"Make no mistake, Michael Carrick will play many times for England."