Tomas Says Sorry

Tomas Repka says he is sorry for the brief altercation he had with a couple of fans at the end of the WBA defeat.

While the 'spat' lasted a matter of seconds, and was in response to an obscene gesture, it nonetheless had Tomas reflecting and, as they say, repenting at leisure on his heat of the moment reaction.

He confided in Czech compatriot Ludek Miklosko, who reveals: "It was a very frustrating evening; I spoke to Tomas today and he said 'I was stupid, I should have just gone to the tunnel' - and that he shouldn't expect anything else from the fans because we had lost the game.

"He understands that people reacted as they did, and that his reaction wasn't great.

"He is very sorry, and he wishes he had ignored it and just walked straight to the dressing room.

"He was also frustrated about losing and it was the last thing he needed because he had tried to do his best but, like the whole team, hadn't played well."

Ludo himself was unaware of what had happened immediately after the game until he spoke to Tomas, and he adds: "I was already in the dressing room; I didn't know what was going on, and, when he got in, Tomas just sat down, very upset.

"I spoke to him after that, and he was more calm - and upset about what he had done."

Ludo compared Tomas to Julian Dicks when he arrived at the club - describing him as aggressive on the field, quiet off it - and explains: "I think he is very gentle - and that is why he was even more upset after the game about what he had done.

"I spoke with him today as well and he repeated that he was absolutely stupid for what he had done and that he was very sorry.

"He said 'we have got a very important game in front of us and I would like to forget everything.

"'Hopefully the fans will forget as well because we need their support, not the fans who are blaming us, because we are trying to do our best - and we need a little bit of luck as well.'"

Ludo's own assessment of the game was that West Ham didn't get the best of luck, and he adds: "It was a close thing yesterday because luck wasn't on our side; we had a few chances.

"It is a new game against Tottenham and we need the fans more than ever - hopefully they will stay behind us."

Meanwhile, Ludo says it is time for David James to be made England's regular goalkeeper and adds: "I think David is playing very well; he is a very good goalkeeper and for the new season he is the number one in England.

"I was at Aston Villa to see him play against Portugal last weekend and it is really nice to see him playing well for England."

As for his domestic form, with nine goals conceded - more than anyone in the Premiership - Ludo insists: "He is working hard and perhaps the team is not protecting him as he would like; but that is life and we have to find a way out of this disappointment."

Meanwhile, Slovakian Vladimir Labant, who was not in the squad for the West Brom game, is keeping his spirits up, and Ludo says: "He is not injured, just waiting for a chance; he is okay, working hard, and doing his best to get into the team."

Fredi Kanoute says that he, too, is disappointed at the start to the season, and adds: "It is a disappointment how things have begun when you look at the quality of players at the club, but me and other strikers must take some responsibility because we need to get things right with goals.

"We did it last time and we just need to show it like we did last season."