Gale's Reaction

Tony Gale is delighted that three West Ham players have been selected for England's squad to face Portugal at the weekend and has some words of encouragement for left-out Michael Carrick.

Says Tony: "Everyone knows Michael will be a class player but I don't think he can have any complaints this time around.

"He is not firing on all cylinders but when things aren't going right you need to be prepared to compete and get your shorts dirty.

"Everyone has little dips but when they come you still have to do a job, like Vieira, Gerrard, or - elbows aside - Roy Keane.

"Steve Lomas is now back, and although people feel he will put pressure on Cisse in midfield, it could be Michael.

"He will be disappointed with the trip to Newcastle and Saturday's game against Charlton, but he was very good against the world's best, Vieira, the week before and if he finds that level of performance more regularly then I'm sure he will be in Eriksson's plans.

"In Jermain's case, and again we know he will be a great player, there is the question of what he contributes if he does not score.

"He is still learning other aspects of the game and I always thought talk of him being picked at this stage was hype.

"I'm pleased for the trio that were picked, though, and David James will definitely play.

"He didn't have a lot to do in front of Sven on Saturday, except pick the ball out of the net twice, and overall he did okay.

"The first goal, from six yards out, was past him before he knew about it.

"I am certain Joe Cole will start as well - he has got to give him a go."