Jermain Mystified

Jermain Defoe says he can't understand what is going wrong when the Hammers play at Upton Park - but insists the players will be working as hard as possible to put things right.

Looking back on the defeat by Everton on Sunday - the fourth home reverse of the campaign - he says: "How do we put it right? I don't know, we played so well against Fulham and we just didn't play well at all against Everton.

"I think when they scored we put more effort in, and it just seems we can't get that first goal at home.

"Everyone is feeling pressure and we definitely have to put things right, especially at home.

"Away we have been playing well. We have beaten Chelsea, Fulham, Sunderland...but at home we need to play the way we did last season.

"The fans have been great and you can't blame them. At the end of the day they pay their money to watch us perform at home and we are not doing that - we really have to get a result at our place.

"It is really disappointing because we have got such good players and a strong squad - it is just not clicking.

"We had a great chance to get up the table after two wins on the trot but we didn't take it and it is not good enough.

"In the last 10 minutes of the game we could have nicked a draw, though."

Jermain does concede the long ball was overused on Sunday and he adds: "We did say that after the game in the changing rooms. David James is doing his job getting the ball up there, but maybe we need to get the full backs more involved and play it from the back, especially when we are at home.

"You need to pass the ball and we are not doing that at the minute. Everything is knocked long and it is really difficult because me and Paolo are not the biggest of players - and neither are Trevor or Joe.

"It seems away from home we are better than at home but it is going to be really difficult at Anfield this Saturday and we need to all stick together."

Jermain says he is due to get his name on the scoresheet, and adds: "I am feeling the need for a goal. It was difficult at Fulham because they were on a good run, but all me and the other strikers want to do is score and play well for the team.

"You can do all the talking in the world but if you are not performing it is pointless."

What makes it more mystifying for Jermain is that the squad, he feels, has not been weakened in the summer, and he adds: "Last season when we finished seventh was a great one for everyone and we have got a stronger squad now - it is weird and I can't put my finger on it.

"If you look at the home games we have had we would have been expected to do well against the teams that have beaten us, but our best home performance was against Arsenal.

"I think if we go to Anfield and get a result there everything will turn round again. We just have to get back on the training ground and work hard.

"We are definitely in a false position with the players we have got.

"The gaffer is frustrated watching from the sidelines but there is not much more he can do."

Jermain was able to run the rule over Wayne Rooney at first hand on Sunday and he adds: "He is a good player and I was looking forward to seeing him play - I am sure he will do well at Everton. He had a great chance and I thought he was going to score."

As for the publicity Rooney has received of late - even the New York Times wanted an interview with him, a request that has thus far bypassed Jermain himself - he shrugs: "It is always like that with a new youngster, as it was for me and Joe Cole."