Seb: I'll Be Back

Sebastien Schemmel says he is determined to get back to the form which won him Hammer of the year last season - and says there are extenuating circumstances to explain why he has not been at his best so far this campaign.

Two factors - one personal, one professional - have hampered him recently, and he says:

"I have had a foot problem but I am okay to be in the squad this weekend - I'm sure I won't play, though I am feeling much better.

"But I want to come back very quickly because I want to prove something now; I don't think I played very bad at the start of the season but it was not the real Sebastien Schemmel because of the injury.

"Now it is finished, I have had a good injection, and I want to be ready for the games against Liverpool, Manchester United, and Leeds.

"I prefer to play big games - they are my games."

He has also had to contend with the worry of his young son being unable to settle in this country, and he adds:

"Everyone has gone back to France because my son doesn't like the English school, and he had some problems learning and understanding.

"Now is is exactly like it was last season - just me in England.

"It was a problem but now it is finished and everything is okay; my injury is finished and the problems with my family are finished, so I am the same player as last season.

"Now if Glenn doesn't want me to play I don't play, but I understand everything and I am not stupid."

Sebastien is fulsome in his praise for Christian Dailly who, somewhat unexpectedly perhaps, has taken the right back slot, and he says:

"For me it is not a problem not to play; I just want the team to win and at the moment they are playing well.

"Christian Dailly has played well in my position and he has been good - which is good for me as well because I have to work very hard to get back in the team, and it benefits the club to have competition.

"I am happy for him because I like him very much; I need to work very hard to come back and for me that is good."

Seb was delighted to hear about the Hammers' win on Wednesday, and he says:

"I was in France but I found out just after the game; I phoned Youssef Sofiane just after the game and I was so happy when he told me."

And, looking to Everton, he says:

"The problem at the moment is playing at home and I understand that the fans were not happy that we have not been winning at home after playing so well last season; but we need their confidence.

"If they forget the start of the season and can just be happy about these two away wins it will help us win this very important game."