Paolo: No Bust-up

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Paolo Di Canio denies that he was involved in an altercation with Fulham fans at the end of the win at Loftus Road on Wednesday night.

Having given his shirt to a Hammers fan he was then pulled back by David James near the tunnel as he left the arena.

But he says the hysterical reporting which has suggested he was having an argument with the home fans is well wide of the mark and reveals: "It was an Italian friend of mine that wanted to speak to me in Italian - David James and others thought I was angry and he pulled me back - but I was calm, and it was nothing.

"I gave one supporter my shirt and it is the minimum I could do. I know what it means to get a shirt from a player who plays for your team.

"When I was young I always hoped to get a shirt from a Lazio footballer so I can imagine it would be good for that fan - maybe not so if they don't like me, though!"

Paolo says it is now time to please the home fans - how different it is from last year - and adds: "They suffer sometimes but now is the moment to give them some satisfaction and we have to start to win at home as well so we can give satisfaction to 35,000 people.

"I tried to give pace to the penalty and there are not words to explain how happy I was when we won. I know what it means to win for me, but more than that for my team mates and the club.

"And, of course, for the soul of this club, which is the supporters; they are our soul and spirit.

"You have to remember that after one year, or 10 years, or 20 years, a player is gone - but the supporters love the club forever and we have to give what we have inside for them to enjoy things with us.

"Now we have gained three points on all the other teams, but we don't have to stop now even though we are in a better position.

"We played with passion and determination in the last two games I am pleased for all the fantastic fans that follow us everywhere, spending money, and especially passion."