Museum Officially Opened

West Ham United officially opened the club museum on Wednesday - with Chairman Terence Brown delighted to welcome several distinguished guests.

Amongst them was Patrick Hills, a descendant of the founder of the original Thames Ironworks club in 1895, Arnold, who says:

"It was a wonderful day, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I am enormously pleased with how it has turned out.

"It is all extremely interesting and, I thought, very well done.

"We are delighted to see what has been happening; history is important to visitors and fascinating for the children."

As for what Arnold would have made of it, he says:

"He would be turning in his grave to see what has happened since then!

"I am impressed with the immense amount of work put in by the board; not only this one but their predecessors going way back."

Other guests included Tina Moore, daughter Roberta with granddaughter Poppy, Martin Peters, Brian Dear, and Sir Robin Wales, the mayor of Newham.