Paul: It's Good To Talk

Paul Goddard says that the win over Sunderland on Saturday had much to do with a meeting intended to last 10 minutes the night before - and went on and on.

Verbosity? Talking for talking's sake? No, just genuine passion being expressed in order to get the Hammers off the bottom of the table - and mission accomplished.

"We had a great meeting the night before the game at the hotel where everything was said - and everyone had their say, so I am sure that had some bearing on the performance," says Paul.

"It was really frustrating because there was so much we felt we wanted to work on defensively - but of course all the boys just disappeared on international duty.

"They came back on Thursday so there wasn't much time to work with them, so that is why we had the meeting with them.

"As per usual it was meant to be a 10 minute meeting - but it went on for a bit longer, but that is the sort of thing that goes on all the time, and the players got involved so it was a good lively debate.

"Players obviously voice their opinion and we have plenty of experienced players here who can say their piece.

"A lot of players have been in this position before and they know what's what - and I am sure young and old all got benefit from the meeting."

So perhaps talk is not so cheap after all; the chat certainly did the power of good, and Paul adds:

"It was a classic away performance; I didn't think we played fantastically, but we certainly dug in and there were a few periods of the game where we kept the ball very well.

"There was a lot of effort and commitment from both sides and, if you consider it, this time last year we would have lost that game, without doubt.

"Obviously now that our home form hasn't started so well it is very, very important that we get points on the board in our away games.

"That is what was pleasing about the win, and it just shows you how all the lads are behind Glenn."