Christian's Cool

Christian Dailly says he is not bothered about the furore that surrounded Bertie Vogts' alleged comments about him following Scotland's defeat by the Faroe Islands recently - even if his international boss did have a go at him.

"It has been no problem; he has been absolutely adamant to me that it was a quote taken out of a massive interview which was turned around a bit," he says.

"The fact is, even if he criticised me anyway, what does it matter anyway?

"He plays me in all the games and he made me captain on Tuesday, so what have I got to worry about?

"It has been great; the manager has been fantastic, he has stuck to his guns, and I think we are starting to see the reward from that - long may it continue."

As for matters domestic, and the away game to Fulham, he says:

"We went there last year, did well, and won the game, but I think they have improved this year and it going to be a tough game."

Of course the venue this time around is Loftus Road rather than the Cottage, with Fulham choosing the west London venue rather than Upton Park as their home base while the riverside site is being redeveloped.

Christian sees signs of improvement in Jean Tigana's side and adds:

"They are finding their feet in the Premiership; I think everyone knows last year they were a great footballing side but maybe lacked a wee bit of cutting edge at times.

"This year they seem to have that a bit more about them, and that is going to be a hard game for us.

"But we will have to do exactly the same as we did on Saturday; get ourselves ready, get rested, good food in, and ready for the game."

Last year Christian was detained for some time after the match as he tried to provide the urine sample for which he had been randomly chosen.

The team coach had long gone when he managed to solve his 'wee' problem, and he recalls:

"I wasn't too happy, but I don't mind as long as we win."

While he acknowledges expectancy might be higher now that the Hammers are off the bottom, he says:

"I think the league is not simple; you can't just go into a game thinking you are going to win it, and all the rest of them.

"It has to be a case of one game at a time, and it has got to be hard graft - if we battle teams early on we can then go on and play our football.

"If you are really looking to play your nice football for 90 minutes it really is fantasy stuff.

"I don't think that works; you have got to battle first, which means getting the boot in, getting into the corners, and when Paolo and Jermain chase everything for the team as they did on Saturday it makes a big difference - and that is the way we have got to play it."